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Youth + Associate Pastor

About Our Church

FBCVin is a vibrant church in an era of exciting growth and visionary leadership. Our church is a strong community pillar with partnerships with many community organizations. We are focused on preaching and teaching the Gospel and building meaningful relationship. FBCVin has recently added an expansive children’s wing as part of our commitment to the next generation. We don’t believe children and youth are the church of tomorrow – we believe they are an integral and important part of the church today.

Youth + Associate Pastor: Overview

Come serve under a new leadership team that is excited to invest in you as a leader and a disciple of Jesus. As an Associate and Youth Pastor, you’ll be responsible for leading and caring for FBCVin students and have significant opportunity to grow within our church.


  • Identify, develop, and equip leaders
  • Create a discipleship strategy for students
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with students, leaders, parents, and staff
  • Be prevalent in the schools and community and excitedly share the message of Jesus
  • Dynamically engage students weekly teaching/Bible study and create meaningful events that add to the ministry culture
  • Attend and add value to weekly staff meetings


  • Be a member of our FBCVin family: commit to uphold the theology, mission, and culture
  • Be a pace-setter in life and in work: live out what we teach and expect from others
  • Be radically relational: prioritize people in life and ministry
  • Be an inspirer: value inspiring leaders over simply managing them
  • Be an improver: look for ways to continuously improve our ministries
  • Be current: understand that the message of the Gospel never changes, but the best way to reach students with that message does
  • Be educated: bachelor’s degree highly preferred, but biblical knowledge is a must
  • Be experienced: youth ministry experience highly preferred
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